The Mac Daddy’s arcade is the largest on the Crystal Coast!

We have 4000+ sq. ft. of the best in arcade fun! A mix of games modern and classic will keep you coming back again and again.

  • Merchandiser / Cranes – Eye Prize, Monster Crane, Key Master, Grab N Win
  • Amusement – Photo Booth, Typhoon (Roller Coaster simulator)
  • Shooter – Terminator, Space Invaders, Dark Escape, Halo, Aliens, Jurassic Park, Blazing Angels, Big Buck Hunter Pro, Batman
  • Racing – Daytona, Fast & The Furious Super Cars, Fast & The Furious Super Bikes
  • Non-Redemption – Air Hockey, Baby Air Hockey, Big Buck Reloaded, Dark Escape, Daytona, Dragon Punch, Super Bikes, Game of Thrones Pinball, Halo Fireteam Raven, Injustice Arcade, Jurassic Park, Minecraft, NBA Gametime, Rhythmatic, Star Wars Battlepod, Spider Man Pinball, Typhoon, Tomb Raider, Walking Dead Pinball
  • Fighting – Injustice Arcade
  • Redemption – 2 Minute Drill, Bean Bag Toss, Big Bass Wheel, Centipede Chaos, Connect 4, Cyclone, DC Super Heroes, Deal or No Deal, Down The Clown, Duo Driver, Harpoon Lagoon, Hotshot Basketball, Hungry Hungry Hip-pos, Kung-Foo Panda, Milk Jug Toss, Mini Dunx, Sink It, Skee Ball, Slam-A-Winner, Ticket Time, Tower of Tickets, Treasure Quest, Whack-N-Win, Wheel of Fortune, Willy Crash

And you can forget being bogged down by all those heavy tokens and bulky tickets! We have the latest in high-tech ways to play with our very own Mac Daddy’s ArcadeCards! For just one dollar you can buy a loadable and reloadable card that is yours to keep! And the tickets just automatically add up on the card while you play! Then take your card to our huge redemption counter to pick from our awesome prizes! The Mac Daddy’s card will never expire and they are good for anything here, such as bowling, and in the snack bar. 

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